About thirty-five Korean-Americans gathered together in November of 2003, 2004, and 2005 at Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) at Louisville, Kentucky which is the largest medical mission conference in the United States. And in those conferences, 35 individuals discussed the idea of creating a medical mission conference for Korean-American professionals; thus that idea grew and in November 2006, KAMHC launched its very own conference. The very first conference was in November 3 – 4, 2006 at Bethel Korean Church, in Irvine CA. The following conferences in 2006, 2008, and 2010 were also held at BKC. Most recent KAMHC conference was in May of 2012; it was held at the Korean Church of Queens, in New York.


KAMHC Conference, a biannual conference that is held every even year, is an event for both medical and non-medical professionals who are interested in medical missions. We welcome everyone who is passionate about doing God’s mission work. Its purpose is to learn and exchange information and resources about medical missions; also, it challenges conference attendees to contribute and join in the future medical missions. It is informative and beneficial for both participants and attendees!

All of our board members are dedicated servants of God. They often serve as medical missionaries themselves and serve in different medical mission organizations. Most of our board members participate as speakers and teachers in our conferences.

Our conferences are crucial for our mission work; through this event, we are able to bring different churches and organization to share our vision and goals in doing God’s work. We are able to train, teach, inform, and network along Korean-American professionals, medical student, pastors, medical teachers, and other mission minded individuals. It’s the epicenter of medical missions!

And currently we are planning to have our next medical mission conference in 2014 in California.

2nd Generation Conference

In addition, KAMHC hosts academic conferences for the second-generation Korean-American students who want to go to professional schools in medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy field. We hold second generation medical conference every odd years; in the past, it was held in the years of 2007, 09, and, 11.

It includes provision of helpful information on admission and other resources. We strive to foster and empower students to become valuable resources for the future mission work.


KAMHC also strives to lead the medical mission by creating unique programs and counseling activities. We have a network and information system that finds and trains missionaries. In order to equip our missionaries and its workers, we also have a unique medical mission training dispatch team and student track/internship program.

Network and Information System

KAMHC finds and trains aspiring missionaries; we provide information on medical mission and network amongst the churches. We support medical missionaries by providing them with information and training via newsletters and KAMHC webpage.

Also, KAMHC organizes and trains various different short-term and long-term mission programs by coordinating and cooperating with our continuously growing network of different churches and mission organization.



Medical Mission Training Dispatch Team

KAMHC also provide enlightening and informative medical mission training course for any churches or mission groups that are interested in learning about medical missions. We have a team that can go to requested sites to train and teach people about medical missions.


KAMHC Student Track & Internship program

We also strive to challenge and educate Christian healthcare students early in their career to dedicate their talents and clinical skills for God. Because, we firmly believe that raising up the next generation of medical missionaries is crucial and important.

KAMHC provides pre-health students, graduate students, as well as professionals in training with information on admission to the professional schools; we have also included a student track program in our medical conference. Within that program, KAMHC created an internship program which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the medical profession through shadowing physicians, attending short-term medical mission trips, and etc.


KAMHC is involved in several mission works around the country by supporting missionaries in their needs. We often go on short-term missions to these various locations to do our medical mission work. Many of our board members are in the front-line leading these mission efforts.



Medical Missionary Young-Jae Kim established a local mission center and a clinic in Haiti. This is where local health professionals are trained and sent out as medical missionaries.




Haiti Project

Currently, KAMHC is working on raising funds and awareness for a missionary, Danny Kim, in Haiti. KAMHC is proud to sponsor and work with such a dedicated missionary that has previous success in medical missions work in Dominican Republic. He is fully qualified as a medical doctor and a pastor who has a deep passion for the people who are in need. Currently, he is working hard to create a sustainable solution for the people of Haiti by creating a clinic that will treat and care for patients who deeply need care of attention not only in medical ways but also in spiritual ways. Missionary Kim’s goal and approach is to teach and train local Haitian doctors so that they themselves can go out to the rural parts of the country and serve as medical missionaries. Needless to say, there is a great need of funds in finishing and maintaining this clinic that will serve as a crucial part of doing medical missions in the city of Saint Marc, Haiti.

KAMHC hosted our first fundraising event for Haiti Project on Feb. 16th 2013 at Cerritos Presbyterian Church in Cerritos, CA.

If you like to donate, join our next fundraising event, or get more information, please contact David Yang (our Donors relations manager).





Guatemala Chimaltenango Mission Hospital, through which medical oncologists Dr. Sang-Hoon Ahn and Dr. Chang-Soo Choi are helping to establish healthcare schools, operate intern and extern programs for the medical students in Guatemala in cooperation with local health professionals.




Guatemala Healthcare School Project

Also, KAMHC is planning and negotiating to build a medical school in the City of Chimaltenango, Guatemala.



Daeyang Luke Hospital is operated by Chisoo Choi, M.D., Internist, who is working on operating College of Nursing and Medicine, also to establish family medicine residency training program as well as inpatient hospital work in Malawi.





Missionary In-Ja Lee, RN is working on establishing Homeless Clinic and College of Nursing, while teaching at Mongol International University in Mongolia with her husband missionary Chung Lee.





In Myungsung Hospital, Young-Hoon Kim, M.D., Pathologist, is sent as long term missionary to help establish pathology department in medical school in Ethiopia.